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Analog audio broadcasting
Digital Audio Broadcasting
iPod / iPhone / iPad socket player
Multimedia speakers
Bluetooth wireless
Chiprun Technology Co.,Limited. is one in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, a leading consumer electronics product design companies to provide comprehensive system design, from product concept to the system hardware and software one-stop design service. Accumulated over 10 years of experience in the consumer electronics product development, the main products include digital and analog audio broadcast PLL the AM / FM technology, the iPod / iPhone / iPad outlet player, multimedia speakers, Bluetooth wireless transmission system and so on. Has an experienced team of professional engineers with excellent technical expertise in various stages of product design and development, coupled with close to the customer's production base and product quality requirements, and enables us to provide customers with competitive prices, timely and The high-performance product quality commitment.

Quality Policy
Our quality policy is done for our excellence. Our goals and strategy is to provide first-class products, quality, value and on time delivery in order to please our customers. We regard quality as the fundamental, the company's mission and cornerstone of our success. The company's policy is to constantly improve the intrinsic quality of its systems, processes and products to meet the customer's requirements and expected that their expectations for the future.

Focus on our most generous donors
Chiprun Technology  to focus on a variety of different product development in the field of consumer electronics. Our engineering team to keep abreast of the latest technology, the emergence of these technologies, we have to know how to use these latest technologies, and to implement the most cost-effective way. The following is a list of our most generous donors program for your reference. Based on these existing modules, we have quickly and successfully received by the market products for customers to develop a variety of Please contact us for a brief conversation, you can understand how the Chiprun Technology  can help you achieve your project goals.
* Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod socket CD, alarm clock players and related products
* Bluetooth audio series
* U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA and SAME emergency broadcast radio and related products
* Modular, simple and low-cost LED / LCD LCD alarm clock with a PLL AM / FM Radio
* Low-cost single-board design CD BOOMBOX or CD Hi-Fi system, in line with the EU Energy Star requirements

Product Name:Multimedia speakers
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